Mild or Wild

robustness through morphological filtering


Another post in the series on sketch2model. We’re highlighting a key issue that came up in our project, and describing what how we tackled it. Matteo’s post on Morphological Filtering does a great job of explaining what we implemented in sketch2model. I’ll build on his post to explain the why and how. In case you need a refresher on sketch2model, look back at sketch2model, Sketch Image EnhancementLinking Edges with Geomorphological Filtering.
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introducing a Geoscience Hackathon project

Welcome to an epic blog crossover event. Two authors collaborating to tell a single story over the course of several articles.

We’ve each mentioned the sketch2model project on our respective blogs, MyCarta and scibbatical, without giving much detail about it. Apologies if you’ve been waiting anxiously for more. Through the next while, you’ll get to know sketch2model as well as we do. Continue reading “sketch2model”

Check the Plumbing

building a basic framework for the Devonian beneath the oil sands

In my kick-off to this series on the Devonian beneath the oil sands, I introduced the interval and explored its relevance to the development of the bitumen resource held in the sands of the McMurray. I follow up with a more in-depth look at the geology and hydrology. Continue reading “Check the Plumbing”

Under the Sandbox

kicking off a series on the Devonian beneath the oil sands

Almost all of Canadian oil reserves are held as bitumen in Alberta (97% according to CAPP’s Statistical Handbook). Extraction of this heavy oil, especially the resource in the McMurray formation in the Athabasca region, has received more than its share of media attention as its development has been politicized. Continue reading “Under the Sandbox”