introducing a Geoscience Hackathon project


Welcome to an epic blog crossover event. Two authors collaborating to tell a single story over the course of several articles.

We’ve each mentioned the sketch2model project on our respective blogs, MyCarta and scibbatical, without giving much detail about it. Apologies if you’ve been waiting anxiously for more. Through the next while, you’ll get to know sketch2model as well as we do. Continue reading “sketch2model”

Check the Plumbing

building a basic framework for the Devonian beneath the oil sands

In my kick-off to this series on the Devonian beneath the oil sands, I introduced the interval and explored its relevance to the development of the bitumen resource held in the sands of the McMurray. I follow up with a more in-depth look at the geology and hydrology. Continue reading “Check the Plumbing”

Financial Modelling: Home Rental vs Ownership

is home ownership always the right financial move? when is home rental a better choice?

The first grownup decision I ever made was to buy an apartment condo with my wife. It was near the end of 2006 and we were moving out of our parents’ homes to a new city to start new careers. We needed a place to live. The only wisdom we had ever heard was, “Why rent when you can buy?” We dove into the real estate market with hardly a second thought. Continue reading “Financial Modelling: Home Rental vs Ownership”

Under the Sandbox

kicking off a series on the Devonian beneath the oil sands

Almost all of Canadian oil reserves are held as bitumen in Alberta (97% according to CAPP’s Statistical Handbook). Extraction of this heavy oil, especially the resource in the McMurray formation in the Athabasca region, has received more than its share of media attention as its development has been politicized. Continue reading “Under the Sandbox”

Hacker Roots

Some of my favourite undergrad memories are spending hours in the computer lab transforming geophysical processes into MATLAB code. There were only a dozen of us in my grad class, so we got to know each other pretty quickly as we helped one another through our weekly assignments. Though they weren’t group projects per se, I’m not sure they could have been completed without the constant exchange of help/code/debugging/advice. Those assignments required more time than Continue reading “Hacker Roots”